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I don't suppose there's any central repository for all the Flash CAPs is there? Some of these are really cool and I'd love to see the others!


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Hello everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood DarkSlay posting the results of our most recent Flash CAP conducted on CAP's Pokemon Showdown! chatroom. As the TL for it, I thought we did a pretty good job (all in a day's work, I'd say). Here are the results:

Meet Eucalyptank!

(Art by Sunfished)

Name: Eucalyptank
TL: DarkSlay
Concept: Weather Man: A Pokemon that effectively uses multiple weather effects to its offensive advantage.
Metagame: OU
Assessment: Sun/Sand
Typing: Grass / Rock
Threats: Steels, Fighting-types, Priority (Ice, Fighting), Strong Attackers
Primary Ability: Drought
Secondary Ability: Sand Rush
Stats: 90 HP / 95 Atk / 80 Def / 115 SpA / 70 SpD / 90 Spe BST: 540
lvl up - total 16
0-Rock Throw
0-Mud Sport
7-Mud Slap
11-Rock Tomb
15-Mega Drain
24-Ancient Power
32-Rock Slide
37-Power Gem
40-Energy Ball
44-Stone Edge
50-Giga Drain
53-Wood Hammer

TM/HM - total 28
10-Hidden Power
11-Sunny Day
15-Hyper Beam
22-Solar Beam
23-Smack Down
39-Rock Tomb *
53-Energy Ball
68-Giga Impact
69-Rock Polish
71-Stone Edge *
80-Rock Slide *
88-Sleep Talk
94-Rock Smash (XY)
94-Secret Power (ORAS)
96-Nature Power
06-Rock Smash (ORAS)

Egg (Mineral/Grass) seperated by --- total 8
Shift Gear
Wide Guard
Grass Whistle
Weather Ball
Petal Dance
Power Whip

Tutor Moves - total 5
Giga Drain *
Seed Bomb *
Synthesis *
Iron Defense


Take Azelfie

More flags more fun

This was really fun to make, I wish to do more of these n_n

Sunfished said the height is the size of two fully grown men so it would be 11.61 feet tall
Since it is like two human beings it would be logical to have a weight of 174 the average weight of an adult male times 2

This is the Eucalyptus Pokemon according to me and one other guy and for a flavour ability it can have Leaf Guard cuz wynaut?

Aubisio made the dex entries
X/OR: This Pokemon's sundial can summon heat hot enough to evaporate water.
Y/AS: Legend has it that Eucalyptank only ever appears in the desert during the most fearsome sandstorms, darting around at a pace too quick for the human eye.


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Sunfished, I love how the art turned out!

EDIT: Would you mind if I tried to color it? I might not have time right away, but maybe by the end of the week...


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Sure bud

You're gonna have to redraw it though since I did it on phone and there's no transparent version of it :(


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Oh no, it's fine. I will probably end up tracing over it anyway / make the line work a tad cleaner before coloring. Thanks though ^^

EDIT: Nvm, I'm lazy and have too many other art things to do.
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A wild flashcap has appeared!

Concept: Passive Damage
Direction: Hazards + Spin Block + Passive Stack
Type: Water/Ghost
Abilities: Disguise / Mold Breaker (for the purposes of discussion, the agreed effect of Disguise was the first attack that hit flashcap would have its damage nullified. This effect would only work once per battle, even if healing or switching had occurred.)
Stats: 60/110/120/60/120/80
Art: DatHeatmor

Possible Sprites:


Notable competitive moves: Spikes, Stealth Rock, Waterfall, Crabhammer, Scald, Spiky Shield, Protect, Taunt, Roar, Dragon Tail, Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Glare, Shadow Claw
(Toxic was banned since it wasn't fun or something).

Possible Sets:

We Shufflin'
-Spikes / Stealth Rock
-Waterfall / Crabhammer / Scald
-Roar / Dragon Tail
-Taunt / Spiky Shield

Barnacle Boat
-Leech Seed
-Spiky Shield / Protect
-Waterfall / Crabhammer / Scald
-Spikes / Taunt

Currently, the full flavor movepool and the name haven't been decided, so feel free to post suggestions here I suppose.
Oh, barnacles, I missed another one!

But seriously, why does it have an Ability from Gen 7 when the games have not been released yet? Does the abandoned ship have a name?

Also, I'm waiting for that one RBY CAP (plus its Alola form), even if it can only be done as a Flash CAP. Maybe not until November?
I'm terrible with names. But if it's passive stack, Mist to protect, Baton Pass to put them onto the other members of the team (It's a boat!), Dual Screens, Haze to clear opponents buffs, Skull Bash to represent a ramming attack. It's Ghost as well, so flying Dutchman; Curse for a suicide, and Magic Coat to discourage a Defog on top of rock typing.


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Hiddaway "Hide Away" it doesnt want to be there yo, also like "Castaway" Like Sea Stuff or something... :?

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I'm calling mine "Depthcharade" - Depth Charge (an anti-submarine ordinance) + Charade (a farce).
Pronounced: Depth-CHAR-Aid (like you're saying Depth Charge [Hard CH] but switch the last syllable to "aid." Constrast Charade's "SH" sound.)

A combination of Sneaky (As it wears a sneaky disguise) and Keel (Part of a boat).

Pronunciation: SNEE+keehl
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How about the name "Emboaty"?

It's a corruption of "embody" with a dash of "boat".

Pronunciation: em-BOTE-ee
Maybe "Cruiseudo"?

Cruise, like a cruise ship, + pseudo meaning fake. Could also spell it "Cruisoodo" if you like Sudowoodo, I guess

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